Overview of Ninh Thuan province

Nature of Ninh Thuan

From centuries, Ninh Thuan is known as a land of sun and wind with long romantically sandy beaches. They are embellished with clusters of cactus and curve pines in the wind which is creating a specific area of the Southern Central Coast. Ninh Thuan is a natural picture harmony between plain, mountain and sea, rivers, streams, waterfalls along the scenic, famous monuments such as: Ninh Chu – Binh Son beach, Binh Tien beach, Vinh Hy Bay, Nam Cuong sand dune, Mui Dinh beach, Ca Na beach, Thuong stream, the ruins of ancient Cham towers, unique folklore festivals association with traditional Kate festival.

Nature specialties

Visiting Ninh Thuan, visitors will enjoy the fresh air of the sea, the mountain. The sun is warm all year round with cool winds in the hot summer months. In addition with visiting the scenic, historical and cultural monuments, the unique traditional handy craft villages, tourists can enjoy the rustic characteristics of the sea, the sweet taste of grapes, green apples, slightly spicy wine grapes and are greeted by kindly emotional hospitality of the local people.


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