Wedding marriage is a great turning point in a person’s life, therefore choosing a place to organize is extremely important. The wedding is the mark of becoming one of two young people when love is fullfill.

With spacious and airy spaces, especially the lawn area and the area surrounding the swimming pool, Saigon Ninhchu Hotel & Resort can host up to 1000 guests.


4-star luxury wedding and style design harmony between the two cultures of Asia – Europe will help you store the most beautiful and important moments in life. Customers will received a lot of great deals: room for couples to be beautifully decorated, magnificent reception hall, dishes designed according to customer preferences, sound and light system… Guests will feel comfortabel and warm when welcomed in the cool air space of fresh sea breeze.

Saigon Ninhchu Hotel & Resort has many years of experience in holding wedding parties for many couples, including foreigners. This is the choice of those who seek perfection, luxury but no less unique style of their own. 

It is great that your wedding night is spent in the romantic space of 4-star international standard rooms. In the light of candlelight, the melodious music, together raising the glass of wine and best wished each other in the poetic scenery of the night.

Luxurious airy spaces, professional service and exquisite cuisine are what Saigon Ninhchu Hotel & Resort brings to your wedding.

Saigon Ninhchu Hotel & Resort will help you to have a full party with your relatives and family because we think that your happiness is our happiness.