27 March, 2020

Po Klong Garai Tower

The tower complex is located on a hill called Trau Hill (which was ranked as the national historic site in 1979). This tower complex was built in the 18th century to worship the god Po Klong Garai, legend has it that he was the one who developed the irrigation system of the accient Panduranga. Po Klong Garai Tower is the place where the main Kate festival of the Cham people takes place. Currently, the tower complex still maintains the tower structures and the worship rituals of the Cham people.

Kate festival is the most distinctive traditional festival in the intangible cutural treasure of the Cham. The festival reflects the spiritual activities and belief of the Cham community Ahier. Kate festival takes place in an extensive area, from temples and towers to villages and each family which creates a chain of diversified traditional events. The main festival takes place from Cham celendar July 1 to July 3 (in the period from the end of September to early October of solar calendar) which features attactive rituals such as costume procession ceremony in Huu Duc hamlet in Phuoc Dong and Hau Sanh hamlet. The main Kate festival takes place in the cluster of three towers: Po Klong Garai Tower, Po Rome Tower and Po Inu Temple.