26 June 2018

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YUJI MIYATA Janpanese tourist plants in Saigon Ninhchu Resort

In response to the Culture of Peace Initiative, Yuji Miyata, the International Representative of Celebration Earth, volunteered to make a worldwide walk to spread the message of peace and security. environmental protection.

Yuji Miyata graduated from Tokyo University and is an international representative of Celebration Earth. This is an organization founded in Okinawa. The Culture of Peace’s Initiative is an event that takes place on World Peace Day (21 September) in order to call on global citizens to protect the Earth, to spread the message of peace, to plant trees. environmental Protection.

Yuji Miyata started this great journey on January 1, 2009, expected to last for three years and finish in London on the start of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Yuji Miyata’s journey to Vietnam started in Hanoi on October 1, 2009, through Thanh Hoa, Hue, Nha Trang … then on March 29, he arrived in Ninh Thuan and stopped at Saigon Ninhchu Resort. Here, he and the Youth Union members plant trees to spread the message of environmental protection.

This is Yuji Miyata’s high-level community and humanity, calling for people to raise awareness about environmental preservation, peace and green planet protection that is being seriously affected by the change. climate.