26 June 2018

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Vice Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam at Saigon Ninhchu Resort

Vice Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam at Saigon Ninhchu Resort on the occasion of his visit to Ninh Thuan province, accompanied by the International Wine Festival 2014

International Festival of grapes – wine 2014 is a unique tourism event. This is the first time it was held in Ninh Thuan to honor the value of vines, specialty crops of Ninh Thuan. This is also an opportunity for trade between grape growers and businesses producing and processing grape products.

The festival brings more than 100 booths introducing grapes and grape products from domestic and foreign wineries (France, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Hungary, Romania and Germany), farm households in Ninh Thuan and neighboring provinces.

Within the framework of the festival, Sai Gon Ninh Chu Resort was honored to be chosen by the organizers as a place of residence for delegates attending the Festival and the place where the seminar was held by the Deputy Prime Minister – The Chairman of the State Steering Committee for Tourism Vu Duc Dam will preside at 14:00 on July 17, at Saigon Hall.

Deputy  Vu Duc Dam (center) delivered speech at the workshop on 17/7/2014

With the topic “Tourism development in the Central Coast associated with the Great Western Highlands”, Deputy Prime Minister together with representatives of coastal provinces in the Central Highlands, tourism businesses, travel in and out the country has a lot of experts, economic researchers have heated discussion. The seminar aimed to analyze and evaluate the potential and development of tourism products and forms in the Central Coast and Central Highlands, thus introducing policies and solutions to enhance cooperation and developing specific products and types of tourism. At the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister answered questions from delegates related to tourism promotion in Ninh Thuan.

The International Festival of Wine 2014 is a message to friends in and out country about the potential of Ninh Thuan’s hometowns, which are the plants, animals and natural beauty brought to introduce to you about the potential for tourism, aquaculture and the investment benefits of this sunny and windy land.