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Located on the ground floor of the hotel, with spacious surrounding campus, facing the sea Ninh Chu wonderful welcome cool breeze, Seaview Restaurant with a capacity of over 300 guests not just a place where you will have breakfast buffet but also appropriate to organize a party, wedding party, Gala ... 
Inside the restaurant is decorated polite, comfortable ... 
The restaurant serves A-la-carte at the request of customers.



Try the old regime President Nguyen Van Thieu was born April 5, 1923 in the village of Tri Thuy, Tan Hai commune, Thanh Hai. 
In 1967 he was elected president and held the position until the Saigon government collapsing in early 1975. 
Then he went to England settlers, living a quiet life in the rest of his life and died on September 29, 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 
When I was in the, he had to build a vacation home on the coast Ninh Chu (Town of Khanh Hai, Ninh Hai District, Ninh Thuan Province) - view this as a resting place in each country he visited. Currently, the ruins of his home resort located on the campus and under the management of the Tourism Corporation Saigon-Ninh Chu. From 2009 until now, the Saigon Hotel -Ninh word used as a restaurant called The Cool Bars to serve tourists to visit and vacation at the hotel. 
Visitors to Saigon-Ninh Chu will unleash the playful waves Ninhchu can simultaneously learn a different aspect of the history of our country has been through.