26 June 2018

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Đến Ninh Thuận tận hưởng lễ hội KaTê của đồng bào Chăm

Kate Festival is a unique folk festival in the cultural treasure of the Cham community, held annually on the 1st of July according to Cham calendar. This is the occasion to honor the cultural values, the history of the Cham people in Ninh Thuan. This year, the Kate Festival will take place from October 22nd to 24th. The Kate Festival takes place in a large space from the temple tower to the village and at each family. Festivals are organized in the order preceding the formation of a rich, diverse flow.

Kate Festival in the temple, tower: In the afternoon of October 22, 2014, at Huu Duc village will take place procession god Po Inu Nugga (mother country) to the temple, Pokon Garai tower in Do Vinh, Cham Tower and Po Rome Tower in Hau Sinh. After the ceremony has been prepared, Kate ceremony is conducted in 4 steps: Ceremony procession – Opening ceremony of the tower – Feast ceremony (Siva statue and statue in the tower) – Dress ceremony – Mass – Assembly. The characteristic of Kate Festival is that in each step of the ceremony, the monk (Po Dhia) reads the sutra, the teacher pulls the Kanhi to sing the hymn, in turn invites the gods, she pours wine, presents the gods and The children pray for the gods bless the good luck, health, crops …

At the end of the ceremony was the sacred dance in the tower at the same time as the outside began to ring up the atmosphere of festivals, the Cham girls in traditional costumes dancing and singing folk songs, busy to the rhythm of drums Ginang, Sarainai trumpet… The bustling atmosphere continues until the sun goes down in the afternoon the festival ends.

Kate in Cham villages: In the framework of the festival, cultural activities, arts, sports and folk games will take place in the village of My Nghiep brocade. In the Bau Truc pottery village, in addition to the above activities also organized the contest of textile skill, water team…

Kate ceremony at home: After the Kate ceremony ended, families in Cham villages held a ceremony. On this occasion, besides offering sacrifices, each family prepared gifts to visit friends and neighbors.

 Kate ceremony is not only associated with the temple, the ancient tower – where the highest technical and artistic values ​​of the Cham culture are preserved but also with other fields of culture: sacrifices, clothes, musical instruments The hymns praised the kings who had merit with the people.

Ninh Thuan is a land rich in history, culture, a convergence of customs and traditions of Cham people. When visiting Ninh Thuan on the occasion of Kate festival, visitors will learn about the culture, beliefs and religions of the Cham almost intact to this day. Kate Festival is an opportunity for visitors to experience, explore the Cham Clay Garai ancient clay tower, visit the Bau Truc pottery village is baked in the ancient way, or weaving handicraft brocade, see together. dancing with beautiful young Cham women, being drunk in the Ka Nhi music, drum in the festival days.